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Google Indonesia

Google wanted Indonesians to learn about their new localized search features both in regular search and OK Google,

and asked us to come up with a campaign to spread the word.

We agreed that we need to utilize all of Google's social media platforms and created a campaign where users are encouraged to Google search specific quotes in Indonesian that were given to them in hints within Google's social media platforms such as, "Makan Soto di SCBD," or " Toko baju di Gunawarman, or "Toko Kopi di Aksara Kemang." Doing those will earn the users discounts or even free shirts in relevant stores, incentivicing the users to utilize the search engine in a specific manner, while also educating the users of the availability of Google's features in Indonesian. Using this campaign, we informed the users of Google's localized features whether using regular search or even its, now Indonesian friendly OK Google.

Finally to get the users to spread the word and earn their discounts, we encouraged them to show the search results at the store to make them eligible for the discount. In addition, the campaign also asked the users to take pictures of themselves at the store and share it in their social media with the hashtag #SELALUTAUYANGSERU, prompting their friends and followers to find out a little more about Google's new localized features.

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