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#ShareACokeID Campaign

Coca Cola Indonesia 

Coca-Cola is a well-known global brand, and as such, we realized that they need a translated global campaign that can be delivered, and understood by the Indonesian market. Therefore, we came up with the #ShareACokeID campaign where we invited Indonesians to celebrate their names and advertised relevant and common Indonesian names on Coca-Cola products.

In addition, Coca-Cola asked us to create a campaign for Idul Fitri on 2015; our team agreed that Idul Fitri is an event filled with family sharing and gathering with each other. Hence, we capitalised on the opportunity by creating a campaign called #MeriahBersama. As mentioned before, we translated all of the names on the Coca-Cola products to the Indonesian language, so a son or a daughter can share a Coca-Cola labled Ayah or Ibu with their parents.

Furthermore, Coca-Cola asked us to create another campaign. On this campaign, we agreed to tackle bullying. Bullying names can be a traumatic experience, and unfortunately, that traumatic experience is all too common. We resolved to create a campaign that asked bullied people to share their stories and come up with a meaningful campaign based on those stories; our campaign sold the idea of inclusion, where people with uncommon Indonesian names outside the names released in our initial campaign can print out their names at nearby stores. Now, those people can celebrate and be proud of their names by sharing their custom Coca-Cola with friends.

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